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About Us

Parents want the best possible start for their children; in environments that make them happy, safe, stimulated and disciplined. Here at Oshera, we believe every child is a competent learner from birth and have the inbuilt skills that enable them explore the world around them and form relationships with their immediate environment.

The search for unrivalled excellence and modernity in child education, coupled with the need to ensure every child starts out in life with an advantage, led to the formation of The Oshera Schools’ complex. It is made up of a Creche(Babies), Nursery, Kindergarten and Basic.

Our Founder

We welcome you and your children to Oshera School, with this one guarantee – we’ll do more than our best, to make it the best decision you made.

‘OSHERA’ , is a Hebrew word for HAPPINESS, worth or good fortune, it gives total life to the hopeless and those who want the best start for their children.

At Oshera, each child is treated as a unique individual and encouraged to achieve his/her full potential and totality of life in their precious pre-school years.

Mrs Anna Lartey
Founder of Oshera Educational Complex


What Our Families are Saying

Oshera is led by a woman who is knowledgeable and passionate about children.
– Mrs Aidoo
Oshera simply represents “Excellent Upbringing” They are builders of destiny.
– Mr and Mrs Gane
It will be the best investment you make for your child; and if you don’t you would have robbed your child of an opportunity to do well in life!
– Mrs and Mrs Sissuh

Knowledge and Excellence

At Oshera, we aim to provide the highest standards of all-round care to all our children, helping them to become knowledgeable and very well trained in the six areas of learning – Practical Life, Sensorial, Mathematics, Language, Culture and Creativity. Our well-motivated and experienced team provide age appropriate, stimulating, safe and creative play resources that meet the needs of all children. Unlike no other school, we pride ourselves in providing your children with quality and modern technology equipment and role play resources that promote their social, physical, emotional and communication development.

The School


Children can join the pre-school from the age of 4 months  to 5 years. There is a full day and half day option. Children participate in their daily activities from learning to recognise alphabets, numbers, painting art and craft, gluing, sticking and playing with play dough. Learning to sing nursery rhymes listening to music and introducing to first dance steps. Children are also taught the practical skills of everyday life, dressing up, putting their shoes on, and eating skills.


In Reception year the National Curriculum Foundation Stage guidelines are followed, with qualified and experienced staff children are encouraged to develop further their social and learning skills from recognition of letters and numbers to reading, writing and simple adding and subtraction, whilst carrying on activities in painting, artwork, sports, music, drama and use of computer. All at a pace suited to their individual needs – Extra Activities, Music, Drama, Music & Movement.

Basic School

Our basic school is made up of Lower Primary and Upper Primary. Lower primary children range from 6 years to 8 years and are placed in the relevant class dependent on academic performance.

Upper primary children range from 9 years to 11 years and are placed in the relevant class dependent on academic performance.


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